Portrait illustration

Portraits for magazines, events and business profiles.

GoMagazin, Basel

Design Festival, Bern

Business profile


A book with 25 different illustrated cloudtypes. 

A collaboration with Rowohlt and Simon Elson.

Der Wolkensammler

Stratocumulus stratiformis 
undulatus perlucidus


Cirrus fibratus

Two of Swords

Tarot card for Stauffacher Bern

private work

If there is some free time, I spend it with creating new worlds and illustrations with a pinch of criticism to different topics.

(more private work on instagram)
⬇          @vecsey-illustration 

A series about the different industrial revolutions until far in the future.

A story about a girl searching for home.

A man with a Selfie-Stick.

all in ine