About me


Hi, I'm Stefan Vecsey.
Bern is the place I call home. And a beautiful home it is. 
I like People. I like to look at them. the way they move, talk and behave. Strange Species we are.
I like to look at systems from a distance, to understand how they work and finde out if there is a way to illustrate the essence or rules of them. 

I did some school:

– 2017 - 2020, Master of Arts in Design,  
   HAW Hamburg
– 2014 - 2017, Bachelor of Arts in Design, 
   HSLU Luzern



Stefan Vecsey
Wasserwerkgasse 5
3011 Bern
Tel: 0041 76 2422284

eMail: [email protected]

Instagram: @vecsey_illustration